Donald Trump Calls For ‘Possible’ Boycott Of Starbucks Over Red Cups

When will the Red Scare end?

SPRINGFIELD, IL- Donald Trump has taken on yet another target in the name of creating a better America, Starbucks. The famous coffee house chain decided this year to change up the design for their cups this holiday season and have gone with a solid bright red color. Some Christians were concerned about the removal of Christmas from the cups, but this was not the concern of Donald Trump. During his speech in Springfield yesterday, he voiced his opinion in his usual Trump fashion. “These Starbucks’ cups are far too red, my hair use to be the reddest. Now I have to compete with Starbucks. America should not allow this and if I’m president this wouldn’t happen.” The crowd applauded Trump’s resilience and ability to stand up to big business. Trump also conveyed he has a Starbucks in one of his towers, so this hurts him directly, but if it helps America that’s all that matters. He then unveiled a plan that would appease everyone. “Let’s make them green cups that say ‘Merry Christmas’ on them.” The crowd stood up cheering and in awe of such a quick decisive plan. “Problems solved..” Trump said as he swooshed his hair to one side. “It’s time for this new Red Scare to be over.” Starbucks issued a response “Donald Trump’s hair becomes more gray everyday, you are basically asking us and every other business to never use ‘red’ again and that’s unrealistic.” What are your thoughts on the Starbuck’s Red Cup Scare?

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