Strange ‘UFO Clouds’ Spotted In Cape Town, South Africa

What Are They?

CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA- Locals in Cape Town today got a visit from some very strange looking cloud formations. They had an UFO like appearance. Jokes followed immediately “Is it going to rain Martians?” from local media. We decided to dig deeper and asked a cloud expert what is going on here. Dr. Carly Nimbus answered what exactly these cloud formations were. “These are lenticular clouds, they are some what common and happen sometimes where valleys and mountains meet, but I will admit the shapes of these is very unique and very well formed. They deserve attention.” Saddened by this semi boring explanation we decided to dig even deeper, so we contacted the local government to request if we could send one of our camera drones into the clouds. The request was strangely denied. We were told that sending a drone into the clouds may send the wrong message and cause a war. Now we’re getting somewhere, a war with who we wondered, but the South African government hung up on us saying “Wrong number!” We double checked, it was in fact the right number. What are your thoughts on UFO clouds?

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