Reality Star Shares Semi Nude Pic On Instagram & Becomes More Famous

Simply Amazing

LOS ANGELES, CA.- Reality star Wylie Jenzer from the world famous show ‘No Talent Needed’ has decided to show a little skin on Instagram. Jim Vultuire, Wylie’s publicist explains “We were sitting there trying to think of ways to stay in the spotlight, and as you know there’s not much to work with when it comes the Jenzer family.” Then Wylie had the light bulb that caused this phenomena. “She said she could always just take her clothes off. My first thought was ‘brilliant’, but that would be considered trashy. We need a good excuse as to why your clothes are off.” That’s when fate smiled on Wylie and her publicist. Wylie broke her finger nail. That’s all they needed in order to get her clothes off. They decided to upload the pic to Instagram on her mom’s birthday to add a little flair to it. It worked, every news source, blog, and kid around the world had the picture and was talking about it. The next day students from all over went to school in their underwear in support of Wylie’s big move. We asked one student why she as doing this. “I love Wylie, her lack of talent tells me I can do anything.” We also asked if she was cold and she replied yes. What do you think about semi nude pictures on Instagram?

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