Scientists Say Penguins Are The Ones Expanding The Ice In Antarctica

Why Are Penguins So Dangerous?

CAPE TOWN, ZA.- Scientists back from an expedition to Antarctica claim that penguins are responsible for the ice growth witnessed recently. Dr. Hank Waddle headed up the expedition and says it’s the only explanation that makes sense because Climate Change would be causing the opposite. “When we heard the ice was growing, we shifted our research immediately to penguins. They are always up to something, but the problem is when you watch them they don’t do much. They eat, they swim, and they sleep and repeat, so we dressed up as penguins. No tuxedo jokes please. This is very serious what we discovered. For a lack of a better term they are pooping ice cubes. Lots of it.” This discovery shook everything we as humans know about penguins. He told us if we don’t do something soon they may poop the new ice age. He speculated that maybe because of Climate Change mother nature adapted. “She always finds a way to balance out, maybe ice poop is Mother Nature’s way of saying cool off.” Scientists aren’t the only ones buzzing about the discovery. Former Vice President Al Gore spoke out saying “Those birds are ruining my reputation. How am I supposed to fix the environment if it’s not as bad as we thought? What’s the point of them anyway? They can’t fly.” Al Gore then made a whooshing sound and ran out of the room. What are your thoughts on the recent ice expansion in Antarctica? Also, should we trust penguins?

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