NASA Plans To Purchase Sets From ‘The Martian’ To Film Upcoming Mars Landing

Photo: The Martian Starring Matt Damon

HOUSTON, TX.- NASA announced plans today that they will be purchasing the sets from The Martian. Dr. Lisa N. Ebula explains “They got it right, the sets will be perfect for us to film the landing instead of actually going to Mars.” A concerned reporter questioned NASA’s motives behind this move. “Isn’t that misleading the public?” Lisa quickly responded “You’re part of the media, so you would know more about that then I would..” The crowd laughed as Lisa went on to explain further. “It’s all about the budget and effort. It will be much easier to just film the landing here like we did with the Moon landing. Our accountants say it’s ‘cost effective’ and will achieve the same goal of impressing everyone. We do have the technology to get us there. It was the same for the Moon landing back then. Technology isn’t the issue. We put the Rover on Mars, but that was so expensive and the effort it took was incredible. We all agree this will be much easier on us and your tax dollars.” Everyone appeared to agree with her statement, but one concerned citizen wanted to dig deeper and asked who they thought would direct the film. “We are considering Michael Bay at this time.” What are your thoughts on The Martian and Mars Exploration?

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