The Sun Is Possibly Causing Climate Change Not Us

Has the sun become too hot?

SYDNEY, AUS.- Spring is blooming beautifully here in Australia where one scientist says he has a theory that will shake the very foundation of the debate over Climate Change. Dr. Hank Galloway stumbled into a line of thought he felt no scientist had ever thought of. Especially the ones saying Climate Change is a product of human created pollution and other environmental elements. Galloway went on to tell us how he solved one of humanity’s biggest questions. “One day I went to the park with my dog for a couple hours. We played fetch and then left. When we got home things got interesting.” Mr. Galloway went on to say that he had gotten a pretty bad sunburn. He has never had one before. “It was new to me because I don’t go out much, so I had to know more.” He researched and saw that millions of people every year get sunburns. “The Sun is terribly hot and it burns us, perhaps it’s burning the world too.” He also found that the temperature of the Sun’s surface is 27,000,000 Fahrenheit (15,000,000 Celsius). “This is why the ice caps are melting, one degree tick up and more will melt.” We ourselves became concerned about what could be done if this was the case. Galloway said he’s working on a giant screen that would protect the Earth from the Sun. He’s calling it SunScreen. What are your thoughts on Climate Change?

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